Casa Lisa Hotel Boutique in Acapulco

Hotel in Acapulco

There is always a reason to celebrate and there is no better place to do so then at the Casa Lisa, boutique hotel in Acapulco. Surprise your guests with an exclusive retreat, with security, privacy guaranteed and the unique beauty of a house with traditional Tuscan architecture overlooking the bay of Acapulco. Weddings, anniversaries, holidays with friends ... Enjoy all the colonial and vintage charm of Acapulco Dorado and make some unforgettable memories.

Newly renovated as a boutique hotel, Casa Lisa is one of those places that remains in your memory forever. A place in which to enjoy countless fun and relaxing memories, with suites and an incredible master suite for Honeymoons, personalized gastronomy, a panoramic pool with lounge beds... The destination of your dreams on the official website of Casa Lisa.

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Hotel Casa Lisa

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The celebrity residence has return to Acapulco!

Casa lisa, reopening of the house of celebrities coming soon.

The celebrity residence has return to Acapulco!
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